IT, Telecom & Technology

At Vangard Law we have extremely wide-ranging and in-depth experience of legal and commercial issues linked to ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and technology in general.

Our client companies include innovation and technology development companies, IT consultancies and other companies that operate within the constantly growing IT field as well as within medical technology and renewable energy.

We also represent the firm’s clients on contentious and non-contentious intellectual property, trade secrets, confidentiality, non-compete, non-solicitation and innovations in the workplace. We advise on such matters as disputes, agreements, alleged copyright and trade secret infringements, breach of secrecy and/or non-compete contracts.


  • IoT, SaaS services, Fog Computing & Edge Computing
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Prosecution of copyright and trade secret infringement
  • Commercialization of research findings and rights
  • Internet services and e-commerce
  • Software and technology development agreements
  • Licence and delivery agreements for technology and services
  • IP law matters
  • Support agreements
  • Agreements and general contractual terms for sale and purchase of services and products
  • OEM, distribution agreements, resale agreements and agency agreements
  • Product manufacturing agreements
  • Procurement issues
  • Disputes

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution constitutes a considerable proportion of our operations. Where possible, we contribute at an early stage to resolving disputes that have arisen as smoothly and effectively as possible. A protracted dispute is rarely to the benefit of anyone, particularly if there is still a commercial interest in continued collaboration between the parties. Based on our experience and our specialist expertise, we can conduct a risk assessment or instigate legal action at an early stage and provide advice as to whether the matter should be pursued further or not.

Our work includes commercial disputes in general courts, arbitration procedures and rent and leasehold tribunals.

Real Estate and Construction

Vangard Law has wide experience of legal issues linked to the property field and works with conveyancing, commercial tenancy rights and other rent and leasehold issues, tenant-owner’s rights, contract law and construction and land issues. We represent landlords and land owners as well as tenants of premises and beneficial occupiers, as well as a range of companies active within the construction and contracting sector with issues including contracts and procurement. We also work with disputes within the above areas.

Corporate and M&A

All of Vangard Law’s lawyers operate within various aspects of company law and provide advice on an ongoing basis, including in matters concerning board meetings and general meetings. Overall, we have solid experience and wide-ranging expertise within company law and all areas associated with it. Vangard Law works with several of Sweden’s leading incubators and their companies. We primarily work with owner-led companies, such as family-owned industrial companies, contractors, start-ups and growth companies, and also assist our client companies in connection with restructuring as well as purchase and sale of companies or their assets and liabilities. We also act in legal disputes between companies.

Commissions we regularly handle include:

  • Drafting and renegotiation of shareholders’ agreements and other collaborative agreements
  • Investment and financing agreements
  • Negotiation with Private Equity and VC firms in connection with client companies’ financing 
  • Issues of shares, subscription options and convertibles

Labor law

The most important asset in start-up enterprises and entrepreneurial companies is their Team. Labor law and matters related to it such as incentive programs are therefore an important and priority part of the Vangard law firm’s practice. Besides assisting founders and executive management with these issues, our labor law team assists both employers and employees with both complicated and everyday labor law issues. With our long experience and specialist expertise within labor law, we can help in handling all types of labor law issues in a constructive and cost-effective way. Among other things, we provide assistance in drawing up employment contracts, handling termination issues, adjustment of employment terms, issues pertaining to secrecy, competition and business secrets, trade-union issues and negotiations, issues concerning transfer of businesses and not least incentive programs.

We also have long experience of dealing with lawsuits, in both general courts and labor courts, and in arbitration proceedings.

Intellectual Property Rights, Sport & Entertainment

Intellectual property rights cover many of the areas that are important to most companies today, everything from software to content.

We assist companies, associations and individuals etc. with various IP law matters. The clients are active within the computer games industry, athletics, sport, music and film industries. Besides assisting in company law matter and   and dispute resolution, we negotiate and draw up license, cooperation, manager and sponsorship agreements, as well as production and artist agreements.